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Trail Groups that we will offer: The more difficult levels will depend on the number of signups.


Wheeling 101

For the beginner, our guides will cover the functions of your vehicle with you before we hit the trails.

OUR guides have years of experience teaching new off-roaders

Your experience will be enhanced if you have AT or MT tires.



For the newer off-road participant, or those that want more of a leisure experience.

For those with a vehicle that is mostly stock.  AT or MT tires recommended.



For the experienced participant, at least one locker and 35” MT tires , and a winch recommended.



 Adventure seekers, lifted, two lockers, 37” + MT tires, and a winch.


 Daredevils with built rigs.

1. Vehicles that are allowed: Full Size 4wd vehicles, ex Jeep Wrangler, XJ, Gladiator, Broncos, Landrovers, etc.  If you’re not sure about your vehicle message us.

2. ALL vehicles must have a hard top or roll cage and working seat belts for every occupant. One tow point on the front and rear of vehicle is also required.

3. Every driver must hold a valid driver’s license.

4. Vehicles that are NOT allowed:  SXS, UTV’s, ATV’s and Dirt Bikes.

5. Men are allowed as passengers; this is an event for the ladies to drive.

6. Pets are allowed as long as your follow SMORR Rules.

7. NO alcohol or illegal substances allowed on the trails. We will follow posted SMORR rules.

8. Everyone will be required to sign SMORR’s waiver and the Event waiver.

9. If you are bringing a Minor as a passenger that is NOT your child, please fill out SMORR’s waiver and have it notarized. You can find the form at

10. Please check out SMORR’s rules for the trails and campsites. We will be following their rules.

11. Campsites are NOT included in any of our Event tickets, you will be responsible for making your own reservations and payments directly to SMORR.  For Camping reservations, go to and fill out a reservation request.

12. The SMORR gatehouse and café do not accept credit cards, bring cash, or they have a ATM located in the gatehouse.

13. Any questions that are not covered here, please email or use the Contact page.

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